Volume Styling Spray

Professional hairspray

Adds volume to natural looking waves

For all hair types

For a full and flawless look that is perfect for thin of fine hair types, and also holds high-volume hairstyles. This long-lasting hairspray boosts volume and vibrancy. Natural extracts such as jojoba, protect healthy hair and hold volume without feeling greasy, while gentle silicones enhance radiance.

  • Contains natural extracts
  • Never sticky
  • Long lasting
  • Brushes out easily

The result:

A long-lasting, full-volume and radiant look


After styling, hold can 12 inches away from hair, and spray. Use a curling iron to create waves. Spray each wave after styling. After finishing to create waves, use your fingers to open each wave.

Size: 250 ml | 8.45 fl.oz.