The Products That Will Maintain Your Straightened Hair

You’ve spent hours at the salon, and a significant amount of money to get your hair straightened. But now it’s up to you to make it last. So what do you have to do?…

The Products That Will Maintain Your Straightened Hair

If you’ve straightened your hair, you know that you need specialized products. But that doesn’t mean that it needs to cost you a fortune. Introducing the best solution for straightened hair at affordable prices – especially for you.

You’ve spent hours at the salon and a significant amount of money to get your hair straightened. But now it’s up to you to make it last. So what do you have to do?


Firstly, you’ll need to stop using your regular shampoo and conditioner – even if you’ve been using them for your entire life and even if you love the way they smell.


Why do you need to stop using them? Because they probably contain sodium chloride salt that will damage your straightened hair. What you need instead, are specialized products for straightened hair. And keep in mind that this is relevant for every type of hair straightening treatment  – Japanese and Brazilian, and it applies as well to hair that has been straightened using a blow dryer or flat iron. So if you’ve straightened your hair in any of these ways, you need to start using different products because heat weakens hair. And if you add sodium chloride salt (used in regular shampoos) to the mix, you’ll damage your hair even more, not to mention that you’ll ruin your sleek beautiful tresses.



In light of the above, Natural Formula scientists developed the Keratin Intense series to help strengthen chemically and/or heat-styled hair that is now more prone to damage and breakage due to its loss of moisture and elasticity. These products will prolong the results of your straightened hair as well as rebuild and repair each strand. Keratin Intense products are offered at affordable prices and can be purchased at stores near you, so that you don’t have to make that extra trip to the hair salon just because you ran out of your shampoo or mask.

4 products that maintain your straightened  hair:


Keratin Intense Shampoo its innovative formula protects the your straightening treatment, is sodium chloride salt free, rich in pure keratin and combines panthenol to strengthen keratin action and build resistance to breakage and damage caused by heat and chemicals.


Keratin Intense Conditioner its double action formula rebuilds hair from within and coats each strand with a protective coating that keeps hair soft, sleek and radiant.


Keratin Intense Mask – a repair mask that contains highly concentrated pure keratin, and replenishes nutrients lost during the straightening process. The mask helps maintain hair’s straight, sleek style.


Keratin Intense Serum – strengthens and maintains straightened hair: while giving hair a soft, radiant shine. For everyday use on damp or dry hair to revitalize your straightened hair’s glossy radiance in seconds.


Not only for hair that has undergone a straightening treatment!


In addition to being a perfect solution for women who have undergone a straightening treatment, the Keratin Intense series has been found to be both effective and suitable for women who regularly straighten their hair using a blow dryer or flat iron. And the reason is simple:  both straightening treatments and heat styling cause damage and weaken hair.