The perfect solution for straightened hair and dandruff

News for women who straighten their hair: now you can care for your straightened hair and treat dandruff…

The perfect solution for straightened hair and dandruff

You’ve finally fulfilled your dream and straightened your hair. And it looks so beautiful, soft and smooth. Except that you still have annoying dandruff! Like most women, you probably thought that after you straighten your hair you’ll get rid of those flakes. But not only did that not happen, instead now your hair is soft and smooth and all your dandruff is clearly visible. It’s unaesthetic and it’s negatively impacting how beautiful your straightened hair or blowout looks.

The world of hair care is trying to figure out how to overcome the challenge of caring for straightened hair while treating dandruff. But one thing is clear: straightened hair requires high-quality specialized products that are sodium chloride salt free to keep your hair soft, clean and smooth for a long time. But when there’s dandruff that’s not enough. Dandruff requires a high-quality, gentle shampoo that contains active ingredients to deeply cleanse the scalp and prevent dandruff from recurring. So what’s to be done? Is it best to use two types of shampoo simultaneously? Or is it better to alternate between a shampoo for straightened hair and a dandruff shampoo? Either way, that’s a lot of effort for something that is neither logical nor effective — not to mention expensive, since you have to buy two separate products!


We have news for you!

Introducing an anti-dandruff, keratin shampoo from Natural Formula: a series of products that include a shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask that maintain straightened hair while treating dandruff. Yes, you heard right. The well-known Keratin Intense series includes products that keep straightened hair healthy, smooth and beautiful for a long time, and now it also gets rid of dandruff once and for all.  

Natural Formula’s research laboratories worked tirelessly until they finally developed a sodium chloride salt free and anti-dandruff shampoo that maintains straightened hair. One product does it all.


How does the Keratin Intense series prevent dandruff?

The products in the series are based on a bio-active complex patent that contains the active ingredient zinc pyrithione (currently the most effective dandruff treatment ingredient) that balances the rate of skin-cell turnover with the secretion from sebaceous glands. The complex also protects hair against hair fungus, regulates sebum secretion, and prevents bad scalp odors and skin irritation that cause itching and discomfort.

As we mentioned, all products in the series are sodium chloride salt free which can damage straightened hair. In addition, all products in the series are rich in pure keratin — highly concentrated keratin ensures each strand’s internal repair and straightens hair so that results last three times longer.

And all products in the series are suitable for daily use.


When will you begin to see a difference?

Results can be seen upon first use. You should feel that your scalp is soothed and not itchy, and notice that your head is dandruff free and not oily. Your straightened hair will smell great and it will be softer, stronger and more radiant. It’s a dream come true!

The perfect solution for straightened hair and dandruff