The Complete Guide to the Perfect Blowout

Any woman who straightens her hair, either permanently or with a blow dryer, understands these concern: how do you straighten your hair without damaging it? How do you obtain perfectly straight, smooth and radiant hair while keeping it healthy?…

The Complete Guide to the Perfect Blowout

If you straighten your hair regularly, here’s everything you need to know:

STEP 1: Prepare your hair for a blowout

Washing your hair thoroughly before a blowout ensures better results – whether you choose to straighten your hair with a blow dryer or a ceramic flat iron. The reason: hair that was just washed isn’t greasy and therefore straightening it is easier, and in fact more effective, because it lasts longer.  

Bear in mind that when you straighten or blow dry greasy hair, it may look great, but you’re more prone to damaging it. In short, it’s best not to skip washing your hair before straightening it.    

STEP 2: Apply heat protection cream


Before straightening hair, apply Keratin Intense Heat Protection Cream to protect your hair against damage caused by blow dryers and flat irons. What’s the best way to do it? After washing your hair, dry your hair and comb it through. Then, evenly apply a small amount of keratin cream throughout hair. The cream provides protection by creating a barrier between your hair and the high heat of styling tools.


Women who regularly use a ceramic flat iron or blow dryer should be especially mindful to protect their hair against damage caused by heat-styling tools that weaken hair, damage it, and cause hair to be especially prone to breakage.  A proven heat protection cream is a good solution to significantly minimize these types of damage.


STEP 3:   The right way to blow dry your hair

Any woman who blow dries her hair knows that for the perfect blowout, she has to put the hair dryer’s nozzle very close to her hair. But in order to get a good result that also protects hair, it’s wiser to keep the nozzle half an inch to an inch away from hair.   


 STEP 4:   How to make your blowout last longer


If you straightened your hair, either permanently or with a blow dryer, you’re going to want to maintain your beautiful, sleek look. Here’s what you should avoid: tight ponytails, tying your hair with an elastic or clip and wearing your sunglasses on your head. Doing any one of these, bends hair and leaves visible marks thereby damaging that glossy, sleek look you were going for. Do your best to avoid these; keep your sunglasses in its case (instead of on your head) and if you absolutely must, use a soft hair tie to loosely keep your hair back.  


Bear in mind that you shouldn’t tie your hair back for at least two hours after your blowout, or for at least two days after your hair straightening treatment.  


STEP 5:  Don’t leave your home without using serum!


No matter how beautiful your blowout is, it’ll always look even better after applying serum. Serum gives your hair radiance — a beautiful healthy shine, while nourishing the tips of your hair and protecting it from additional damage. The final result is a longer lasting blowout.  


A few drops of the serum are enough to achieve the desired effect. During days in between blowouts, apply serum to revive your hair’s beautiful radiance.