How Straightening My Hair Changed My Life

If you weren’t born with naturally smooth, straight, radiant and soft hair, you either visit the salon at least once a week for a blowout, or you use a ceramic flat iron regularly…

How Straightening My Hair Changed My Life

Do you love having straight hair but don’t have patience to go to the salon for a blowout? Would you love to have straight hair, but you’re all thumbs and have a hard time using a ceramic flat iron? If you answered yes to any of these questions, hair straightening is for you.  But what about the expensive hair products you’ll need if you straighten your hair? I have a solution for that too.  Keep reading.


Women have always seen straight hair as the ideal hair type. But it’s a fact that most women simply don’t have the time or budget to visit the salon twice a week (or even once a week), or have the patience and ability to blow dry or use a ceramic flat iron to straighten their hair.   

Straighten your hair once and for all


The ideal solution that saves time, frustration and even money, is permanent hair straightening. But whichever straightening treatment you choose – Japanese, Brazilian or Keratin, you’ll still have to spend a few good hours in the salon (treatment takes between 2-4 hours depending on the type of treatment). But afterwards, with some help from products suitable for home use, you’ll have several months of straight, smooth and beautiful hair. And in my opinion, it’s worth every penny, and every minute.


In fact, I tell everyone who is willing to listen, and now I’m telling you: straightening my hair changed my life. Really.  No more bad hair days, endless time spent at hair salons, blowouts that hurt and burned my roots, or worrying about sweat and rain ruining my hair.  With permanent straight hair, you can go to the beach or the pool without worrying about ruining your blowout.


Maintaining results of your straightening treatment


With my first hair straightening treatment (8 years ago, to be exact), I learned that in order to maintain my straightened hair, I need to use specialized hair products especially designed for permanently straightened hair.  Such products are sodium chloride salt free, because sodium chloride salt found in regular hair products damages the protective coating created by the straightening treatment and shortens its lifespan.


After spending so much time and money on straightening my hair, do you think I’d ruin it by using unsuitable hair products? Of course not.


In the past, I was forced to pay exorbitant prices for suitable hair products that I purchased at the salon; I paid so much money for a shampoo, mask and serum. Today, I’m no longer dependent on any one or combination of those products, thanks to Natural Formula’s Keratin Intense series that includes a shampoo, conditioner, mask and serum. Today I can have it all, just like my friends who have naturally straight hair. Today I can purchase high-quality hair products that are perfectly suited for my straightened hair; I can effectively care and prolong the life of my straightened hair and I can purchase products at affordable prices and at stores near me, without having to be dependent on a hairdresser or hair salon. In three words – changed my life; in one word – perfect.