The Complete Guide to Styling Curly Hair

Styling curly hair is challenging, but possible. Here’s what every woman with curly hair needs to know…

The Complete Guide to Styling Curly Hair

Every woman with curly hair has the same dilemma: How do you fix your curls so that they stay in place for the entire day? How do you revive your curls without washing them? And how do you protect your curls overnight?

To answer these questions, we consulted with Omer Asaf, Natural Formula’s chief hair designer, and together we created this guide to styling curly hair

Revive your curls instantly

Styling products are absorbed better when hair is damp, especially if your hair is curly. The ideal way to revive your curls is to wash hair, slightly dry it and apply styling products (each woman has her own set of styling products that suits her curl type). In the event that you can’t wash your hair but you want to revive the way it looks, take a spray bottle, fill it with clean water and spray your hair until it’s damp but not wet. Then apply your desired styling products.


The secret to gorgeous, lasting curls

How do you style the perfect curls and lock them in place for the entire day? With three easy steps:

  1. Apply styling cream on damp (not wet!) hair, along its entire length.
  2. Add Curl-Sculpting Mousse and scrunch your curls.
  3. Finish with a blow dry, and use HOLDING Styling Spray to lock curls in place for the entire day.


The Complete Guide to Styling Curly Hair

            Lock curls in place


Don’t sleep with wet hair

Going to sleep with wet hair means that you’ll wake up with unruly curls that are all over the place and impossible to tame. Not a great move.  If you have no choice and you have to wash your hair before you go to sleep, try to dry it, even just a bit. Then apply styling cream and put your hair up in a loose pony tail. You can also braid your hair (but not a tight braid) and apply Ampoule Intense Serum so that in the morning when you open your braids, you’ll have beautiful, radiant and manageable curls.

The Complete Guide to Styling Curly Hair

               For radiant curls


How do you apply styling cream?

Many women with curly hair make the basic mistake of not applying styling cream correctly. When you apply styling cream the right way, you have abundant, uniform and spectacular, long-lasting curls. All you have to do is apply cream, scrunching it into your hair from the tips to the roots, or alternately in straight downward motions from roots to tips, and shake hair.


Combing curly hair

Brushing curly hair is not a good idea. It opens curls and turns them into a frizzy mess. A much better idea is to use a wide-toothed comb which will open knots but maintain the texture of natural curls. And though you can also comb hair when your hair is damp, it’s best to comb curls when you’re in the shower and the conditioner or mask is still in your hair. Combing hair in the right direction is also important, from the bottom, up.    


Why it’s best not to touch curly hair with your fingers

Touching your hair with your fingers and palms opens curls and damages its texture. The bottom line: touch your curls as little as possible.


The secret to instant radiance

Curly hair tends to be dry and lack luster. But working correctly with Ampoule Intense Serum can change that and give you softer, more radiant hair in seconds.