Determine Your Curl Type and Find the Right Styling Products

A deep understanding of your curl type will help you choose the right styling products to achieve the perfect look…

Determine Your Curl Type and Find the Right Styling Products

In order to achieve the ideal curl look, you need a deep understanding of your own curl type.

Understand your curl type? Great.

Here’s what’s in store for you:

  • Hydration and nourishment that will nurture your curls and help you achieve the look you’re dreaming of
  • You’ll save a considerable amount of money because you’ll stop buying products you don’t need  

Don’t know your curl type yet? Don’t worry.

With the help of Omer Asaf, Natural Formula’s chief hair designer, we created this short guide to help you determine your curl type and learn which products you need to add to your curl-care arsenal.

Coily Hair

If you have small tight curls, commonly considered afro-textured, you’ve got coily hair. That means, your hair has a lot of volume and is difficult to tame.

The products you need:

1. First and foremost, you need Cream & Glaze professional styling cream that contains both cream and glaze to soften your rebellious and difficult-to-tame curls, while deeply nourishing them and preventing spilt ends. The cream will even prevent frizz so that you’ll be able to style your hair quickly, even in a matter of seconds! And it’s a non-greasy product and will make your hair shiny and radiant. Use a generous amount on damp hair.

The products you need:

2. After you completely dry your hair (preferably with a diffuser), add Ampoule Intense Serum especially to hair tips, to nourish hair and add a radiant shine. Apply drops as you scrunch your hair, and as needed throughout the day.


Ampoule Intense Serum


Curly Hair

Big, round and well-defined curls mean you have curly hair.

The products you need:

1. Always have Cream & Coconut Oil on hand and apply it generously on damp hair. Take small sections of your hair, twisting them around your finger to define your curls. The cream and oil will deeply nourish your curls and make them soft and radiant.

Cream & Coconut Oil

2. Another must-have is Curl-Sculpting Mousse which you should apply directly after the Cream and Coconut Oil. The mousse will hydrate curls, revive them and lock them in place for longer.  

Curl-Sculpting Mousse


Wavy Hair

If you have loose curls that look like you opened them with your fingers, you have wavy hair.  

The products you need:

1. The most important cream for you right now is Cream & Keratin. Apply it on damp hair and then braid your hair or twist the ends into large buns; fasten to the top of your head with bobby pins. When your hair is fully dry, undo.  Your wavy tresses will look beautiful, soft and radiant.

Cream & Keratin.

2. Add a few drops of Ampoule Intense Serum. It’s absorbed quickly and easily and leaves hair soft, shiny and radiant.

Ampoule Intense Serum.


A few curl-care tips you may want to adopt:

To reduce volume

A generous amount of moisturizing, styling cream will help you handle too much volume. In the event of too much volume after hair is dry, apply a few drops of serum. Using serum in addition to styling cream will reduce curl volume and add radiance to your hair. For best results, apply serum to dry hair.

Wash your hair less

Curly hair is at its best a day or two after it’s washed; the reason is because styling products combine with natural substances released from the scalp to weigh down hair. Two days after your wash your hair it won’t look as big, and will be easier to style; just be patient that first day or so, and don’t be so quick to wash it.

Hairspray will help you deal with high humidity

Before leaving the house, use Volume Styling Spray. The spray will hold your volume and curls for the entire day despite high humidity outside.