Great News for Women with Curly Hair

Every woman with curly hair already knows that high-quality products for curly hair are usually very expensive. But from now on, they don’t have to be. Introducing a series of professional products at affordable prices that you can get at any drugstore…

Great News for Women with Curly Hair

It took me years to start liking my curls. Though curls were cute when I was a kid, they turned more complicated when I became a teen, and into an absolute nightmare during my college years.


As a kid, I had cute curls. Sometimes, I (or my mother) would gather them into an adorable, bouncy ponytail. As a teenager, I started taking care of my curls and I got them to look good, or at least decent because I forced my mother to buy me expensive hair products that did the trick. She didn’t really have a choice, so she bought them.


When I finished college and went to live in an apartment with some roommates, I couldn’t ask my mother to buy me hair products anymore, so I tried other solutions. Except that I was always disappointed. That’s when I understood that I have no choice and that I have to invest in high-quality, professional products that can only be found at specialty stores. But the problem with those products was price. They were expensive. Very expensive. Especially considering the fact that that I needed to buy them often. There are probably some of you reading this who think I’m spoiled.  I swear, I’m not. For me, hair care products that manage to tame my hair and make me feel like I look good – that is, they define my curls and make them soft and bouncy instead of dry and limp, are a necessity.


And then I received a phone call that surprised me, excited me and made me curious, all at the same time. The writer of a beauty column for a local newspaper offered to have me try Natural Formula’s new hair care series for – finally – women with curly hair. She asked me if I was happy with the products that I was using and I answered that I was. She then asked me how much I pay for them and if I’m willing to try products that cost half the price. “Of course!” I replied, to which she responded “so try Natural Formula and tell me what you think.”


During the past weeks, I tried the products and used them according to the instructions I received from Omer Asaf, Natural Formula’s chief hair designer. And what can I tell you? It’s the invention of the year! Who would ever believe that I can just go to any drugstore instead of looking for specialty stores that carry the specific products I need? I don’t remember the last time I spent so little on my curls.


So here are the products that I tried:


I like it when my curls are free, loose, natural looking and don’t have too much volume (my curls have a tendency to have way too much volume, especially in the summer). I used Cream & Keratin professional styling cream, which gave me the look that I love for my curls.


I applied my new professional styling cream on my damp hair, applying it in pulling motions in order to open my curls as much as possible. I used a blow dryer, blowing from the top downwards (without using a brush), in order to control the volume. I received so many compliments from colleagues and friends who have curly hair. They even asked me for the name of my new cream!


In the evening, I wanted a fancier, more styled and put together look. So I used Cream & Glaze professional styling cream that gives curls a fuller look. I applied the cream scrunching my hair downwards, and then drying it with a diffuser. I received sooo many compliments.  Even my mother, who always preferred straight hair couldn’t hide her excitement. And if my mother’s excited – then it means that I look spectacular.


I gave my friend Nili, who also has a hard time taming her mane of curls, Cream & Coconut Oil that creates soft, natural and radiant curls. Nili tried tens of professional styling creams in her lifetime. She was especially impressed that the styling cream that I got her gave her perfect and round curls without too much work.   


Natural Formula produces professional hair care products that are environmentally friendly and have not been tested on animals. All products are enriched with natural ingredients to strengthen the scalp and hair shaft and protect them from damage caused by the environment and climate.